Natural Hair Needs to Be Moisturized!

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Natural Hair Needs to Be Moisturized!

Good Day Everyone! I wanted to take out some time and send out a little reminder about the need to moisturize our hair. I have always likened natural hair to a plant – we need to always be mindful to moisturize our hair by giving it exactly what it needs to eat and drink, otherwise we’ll be walking around with dry brittle hair, split ends and very hard to manage hair. I’ve grown up with the adage, thanks to my Grandmother – If you want to put it in your hair, you should be able to eat and/or drink it.

Personally, the products in the photo have always served me well. Unflavored Filtered Whole Leaf Vegetarian Aloe Vera is great for moisture and is a superb conditioner. I also drink it directly from the bottle. In the past, I used to just buy the plant, split it, blend it down and leave it in my hair. Now, it comes in a bottle and I pour it in a squirt bottle with Vegetable Glycerin (great for moisture, rehydration, flaky scalp, split ends and as a sealant), and Lemon and Orange essential oils for smell (I love citrus oils for hair).

I use this mixture every other day. your hair will never get tired of this drink. Also, when I run out of Aloe Vera, I will use a mild leave-in conditioner until I replenish. However, nothing has ever worked, for me, as well as the Aloe Vera mixture.

Try it, enjoy and let me know how it works for you

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