Don’t let the Fall Season catch your hair off guard!

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As our skin goes through transitions seasonally, so too is our hair about to go through a transition for this fall season.

For some of us that transition can be smooth and pleasant, while for others it may be harsh and traumatic.

As we all know, hair is a living organism that must be taken care of the same way every other part of our body – with care. I’ve often likened hair to a plant. Our scalp along with our body becomes the fertile or non-fertile ground we expect hair to revive in. Our shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and oils are our food.

So let’s start talking about precautions to get our hair back on the right track.

First, things we are not doing because it’s Fall:

1) We’re not outside as much
2) We’re not swimming anymore
3) we’re not exposed to the sun as often
4) We’re not washing our hair as often

Second, things we are doing because it’s the Fall season:

1) We’re exposed to more indoor heat 2) We’re wearing harsh fibers and fabrics
3) We are experiencing weather that’s extremely brutal to our hair
4) We’re moisturizing more

Natural and Easy Precautions:

1) Because the weather is so harsh now, it’s extremely important that we deep condition regularly (by regularly I mean 1-3 times a month) with a hot oil conditioner, organic mayonnaise, a shea butter mixture or organic Greek yogurt and sit under a hooded dryer on low for about 30-45 minutes.

2) Washing your natural hair in the fall season can be reduced to 1-3 times a month as well. Using shampoos free of parabens, sulfates and anything you cannot pronounce will serve your delicate hair well. Washing your hair too much will strip it and make it extremely dry and brittle, which will require you to add more products which leads to the hair being weigh down

3) Cover your hair EVERY NIGHT! It is so mandatory. I have NEVER gone to bed without covering my hair.

4) If you suffer from dry scalp, Witch Hazel and Jojoba oil are a perfect combination. Section hair in small but manageable sections. Pour witch
hazel in a bowl, clean warm water in another bowl and using an old, clean and soft toothbrush, dip toothbrush in WH and brush the scalp. Then dip TB in warm water to remover debris and repeat until done. Then oil scalp with Jojoba oil.

5) Beware of wool coats, scarves and hats. During Winter and Fall, they are deadly to the actual hair and your edges.

6) It’s very important during these upcoming months to allow the hair to rest. Protective styles serve as a way to reduce an over abundance of products, washing, manipulation of the hair and the use of devices.

7) Speaking of devices: blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons etc. can be minimized as well. If time permits try air drying, curl formers, bantu knots, flat twists for a curl pattern.

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