Miracle Essential Oil

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This is one of the many natural essential oils that I use regularly. It’s economical, has many uses and lasts a long time. It has a very strong smell, but it doesn’t seem to matter when you see the results.

Tea Tree Oil has been amazing for my scalp (mixed with other oils, of course), I use it for itchiness and soothing. I don’t use it on my hair though.

Apply, using a q-tip, to gums and toothache and the results are instant. Applied to a pimple and the next day you see significant shrinkage. Catch a cold and put in vaporizer and congestion begins to break down. Apply to skin tags for a few weeks and they begin to fall away.These are just a few ways this oil has proved beneficial to me.

There are many other health uses, I will continue to search for more. Additionally, Tea Tree Oil is used as a cleaning agent.

You can purchase Tea Tree Oil at your local health food store for as a little as $5.00.

BE WARNED: it has a very strong smell that just lingers, but applied overnight and the smell is no longer an issue. Also, I’ve heard other people say that they dilute it when they apply it on skin, but I never have.

Be sure to do a proper skin test!!!!!


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