The Original Makeup Eraser – Yay or Nay?

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So, despite being extremely skeptical about this product, I am pleased to say that usingimage                     this cloth yesterday, for the first time was magical! I didn’t want to like it. Why? For two reasons: 1) The distributor gave me a hard time about sending me product for review and 2) I already have plenty of cloths at home. They may not be pink and with double sided use, but why would I spend 19.95 on one cloth? Well, now I know. After following the pre-use directions, I settled in to take off my makeup. From the moment I put the cloth to my face, the makeup just began to wipe off. No hard rubbing, pulling or tugging. Just soft circular motions. I actually had to touch my face to make sure it was all off. And it was!! With plain warm water and no chemicals. The true bonus for me was how my face felt afterwards. Again, I kept touching my face because it felt so soft, clean and healthy. Thanks for changing my mind The Original Makeup Eraser!!!

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