REVIEW: HipFits Hangers – The New Collectable!

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These are the 11 adorable hangers to choose from each for $9.99

These are the 11 adorable hangers to choose from each for $9.99

Each generation has their “thing” when it comes to fads and trends. Whether baseball cards, cabbage patch dolls, matchbox cars, coins or trolls, collectables have always captivated us. They’ve always symbolized something good, fun and wholesome.

Now, we have Hipfits, a plush adorable dress that can accessorizes our accessories!

Very much like Pandora bracelets, a Hipfits Hanger is intended to bring a bit of personal style to every woman and young girl. The colors are beautiful, bright and very feminine; there’s a look, dress and color pattern for The “girl” in all of us.

The type of dress you choose speaks volumes about who you are and what fashion style appeals to you. They come in 11 different styles and shapes so, whether you’re a preppy girl, a pink camouflage girl, an animal print girl, a sparkly girl or a cotton candy girl, there’s a HipFits hanger for you, your daughter, your niece, or just a friend!

Not to mention, the CEO of HipFits, Manoj Moondra, has partnered with BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) which means that your purchase of select versions of these cute colorful hangers will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer and eventually save a life.

Use them to glam up your backpacks, purses, key chains, strollers, book bags, or whatever and send us a photo. We’d love to see how you’re enjoying your HipFits.

Also, stay tuned to see how you can win the entire collection for yourself or someone you love!!

For more information about the HipFits Hangers, please visit: www.hipfits

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