As long as I can remember I’ve always taken my hair very seriously. Not that I obsess over it, but I’ve always loved it and taken care of it. I’ve never been ashamed or felt uneasy about my hair. I’ve always loved the smell and texture of my hair and I especially liked that many styles I was able to wear. My Grandmother had a lot to do with that; she instilled a great deal of “Pride for Appearance” in her grandchildren. She became my benchmark for beauty and sophistication as early as 10 years old and still to this very day.

Recently, when I knew that I was going to cut my locs (due to quite a bit of physical discomfort), I had to contemplate many things, for example, what would it feel like to cut it? How would it and I look? Would I like? Would my husband, family & friends like it? Would I regret my decision? Although I had many questions, I really did FEEL ready. Then a few weeks ago something amazing happened that truly had me reflect on what my hair meant as it pertains to my character, ministry and lifestyle. I had an awesome and dynamic conversation with some young women about hair, products, styles and maintenance and in the midst of the conversation, I got the answer to all of those burning questions – It’s Not Time to Cut Your Hair!

You see, this conversation allowed me to remember that, as much as we want things to be ours; to belong to us, the majority of what we obtain does not. Yes, it’s my hair, but it also welcomes people to ask questions, see the possibilities and honor something that a lot of the world wants us to deny – OUR NATURAL BEAUTY!

I’m happy that my hair gets to stay with me a little longer, but now I’ll have to pull on some long-time past creative juices, bring out some new styles and continue to enjoy my hair – with your help, of course. I thought cutting it was a new and awesome journey, but now I believe keeping it will be.